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Efficient solutions for
efficient lighting.

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Customer Focused End-To-End 
Lighting Solutions

What you need, when you need it.

myLEDstock™ will provide you with the right product at the right price.

A lighting source you can count on.

Why Should You
Choose myLEDstock?

Because we are dedicated to delivering excellence through our comprehensive range of lighting solutions. Whether you're working on a residential, commercial or industrial project, we offer a vast selection of high-quality lighting products from strips and wraps to specialized lighting solutions, we've got you covered.

At myLEDstock, we don't just sell lighting; we build lasting
relationships with our customers.

Our team of experts are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way, from product selection to installation guidance.

Product Solutions

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Product Selection

Getting stuck on product selection? When you're in need of the perfect lighting products for your project, reach out to our team of experts, and we'll guide you in choosing the ideal products at the most competitive prices.

Whatever project you're working on; school, store, office, steel plant, or even a rhino barn, our team will help you select the best products that align with your project needs, ultimately contributing to your success.

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RMA / Warranty 

Our priority is your satisfaction. Product problems are costly, and the lengthy process for replacement products is not an option. When you receive damaged items or encounter warranty issues, we take immediate action. We will swiftly send you a replacement product and provide full support for the freight claim process while also assisting in direct communication with the manufacturer.

Your business's seamless operation is our commitment.

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If you need to find it now, call us. We've established strong connections with numerous lighting manufacturers, making it easy for us to locate products matching your specifications. Additionally, a majority of our partner manufacturers often have surplus inventory. These products are brand new, in their original packaging, and come with warranties. The best part? They're readily available and offered at significantly reduced prices.

Let us know what you’re looking for and we will go to work.

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Need a lighting layout for a TI or design/build project? Our experienced design team will provide you with professional lighting design services at no-cost, including point-by-point calculations, fixture schedule, dimensioned locations, and renderings to visualize the results. We can use fixtures you specify, or we can select fixtures, balancing energy, aesthetics, and cost.
Count on us for on-time project completion.

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When you have a lighting upgrade project and all your auditors are busy. Give us a call, let us know the project scope and what level of detail is needed. We will dispatch an experienced auditor and provide you with a complete report, including proposed fixtures, pricing, and rebate amount.

Our auditors are experienced in all project types; small office buildings, multi-site schools, colleges, heavy industrial, and retail to name just a few.

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Help your customers pay for their project. myLEDstock has teamed up with UtilityGenius to provide you up to date detailed rebate information for all states and utilities. Including links to utility energy efficiency programs to identify specific requirements and savings amount.".

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Welcome to the world of FORA Lighting. Our lighting line-up delivers high energy savings with impressive lumen output, brilliant light and low maintenance.

Backed by our dedication to quality, service, and your bottom line, Fora stands ready to light the way with our reliable, easy-to-install lighting solutions, providing the options you need and the savings you want.


Keystone your one-stop-shop for all your lighting needs. You’ll find the latest in LED lamps, drivers and retrofit kits as well as more conventional fluorescent and HID ballasts. Whatever technology you need, you can count on Keystone for quality and reliability.

With nearly 70 years of manufacturing experience exclusively building quality lighting components, we have secured an outstanding reputation for products that are easy to use, and personal service that makes life easy for our customers.

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VM5 Lighting Solutions is an American innovative designer and global manufacturer of award-winning high quality intelligent LED lighting Solutions for the commercial, industrial, agriculture, grocery, and convenient store markets. Our solutions are designed for customers who want high quality at a competitive price. Our mission is to create best-in class lighting solutions, best-in-class pricing and best-in-class customer service.

Current Stocking Manufacturers


End-to-End Lighting Solutions for your project.
Get started now.


Our Mission

We are on a clear mission - to empower our customers with the information,
services, and products they need to win projects and complete them on time.

Shared Value

"Purpose Beyond Profits" defines the core of the Shared Value Program. We want to use our knowledge and business skills to affect positive change both socially and environmentally. myLEDstock consciously seeks opportunities in our community to improve the wellbeing around us through long-term commitments to our employees, customers, and partners. Our lighting program improves efficiency and reduces countless hours of energy and product waste. We hire and support veteran and minority owned suppliers and contractors and provide access to quality-of-life programs for our employees.

As we grow, our Shared Value Community grows with us

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About Us

Founded in 2017, myLEDstock is a leading wholesale lighting distributor based in Sarasota, FL, serving the entire U.S. market. We are a Florida certified minority-owned business, committed to helping our customers meet their minority contracting goals. With investments in growth, we will continue to expand and increase our ability to help existing and new customers achieve success in the lighting industry. Through a history of excellence and a clear vision for the future, myLEDstock remains your trusted partner for all your lighting needs, providing top-quality products and unwavering support to our valued customers

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End-to-End Lighting Solutions for your project.
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